Inspiração, Conhecimento e prática

About HubEP

Hundreds of millions of people live in poverty around the world. Breaking this cycle requires innovative and strategic intersectoral action. With the mission of sharing the knowledge acquired through work on different fronts of the non-profit organizations sector, civil society organizations have come together to create HubEP, a Hub for the Eradication of Poverty. HubEP is a multisectoral and 100% collaborative initiative to eradicate poverty.

At the HubEP , professionals and institutions working to eradicate poverty and inequality in any area – from health to social assistance or urbanism will exchange experiences and build knowledge. The HUbEP exists to share lessons, tools, paths, mistakes, and successes so that professionals and institutions can further build on the real impacts of projects and strengthen the ecosystem to combat poverty.

We don’t stop here. We want to connect people and ideas to build a knowledge network together. We hope you will join us on this journey.