Privacy Policy

1. Preliminary Information

1.1. The HubEP platform is available for access by browsers on different platforms (IOS, Android and via the web), and herein will be called HubEP and/or platform.

1.2. It is a content portal on the citizen sector owned by the HubEP partners, which provides studies, information, materials in text, image, audio and video formats, as well as research and intelligence tools in other formats, such as infographics and reports.

1.3. HubEP, in accordance with the best practices of respect for users and transparency, exposes the basic principles of the Privacy Policy chosen by the website for the use and storage of personal information provided by visitors, considering the access and use of services that imply in identification.

1.4. HubEP Privacy Policy may be changed in the face of possible needs. Significant changes that impact the Privacy Policy will be subject to prior notice on the platform.

1.5. HubEP Privacy Policy aims to protect all its users, guaranteeing dignity and fundamental rights of privacy and image of the user.

1.6. Access and registration to this platform/website imply full acceptance of the provisions of this Privacy Policy. If the user disagrees with any provision herein, he must not register and/or access the website.

2. Collected Information

2.1. HubEP declares that information will be collected from users who access the contents of the platform, and that these are subdivided into: “Personal Information” and “Interaction Information”.

2.2. “Personal Information”: for registration and/or for receiving the newsletter, some information will be requested from users, such as name, email, organization, area of ​​activity, telephones, city and state. The information collected will be provided voluntarily, as well as its veracity and timeliness will be the full and entire responsibility of the users.

2.3. “Interaction Information”: As the user accesses the platform, information about which pages were accessed may be automatically recorded, such as browser, operating system, IP, e-mail, among others.

2.4. However, the user is allowed to disable, at any time, the sending of cookies and also install blockers or other means to deactivate the sending of this type of information. The institution undertakes to delete all personal information if the user, for whatever reason, no longer wants to share his/her data, simply sending a request by email.

2.5. It is important to point out that no Personal Information that may be collected by HubEP will be made without the user’s consent and willingness. This manifestation will occur expressly through the act of registering to receive the newsletter or by any other digital form of data supply.

3. Methodology for Using Collected Information

3.1. The interaction information collected will be used to improve the functionalities and performance of the platform, carry out statistical analysis of the platform’s performance and audience, and allow the provision of more personalized content and adapted to the needs of users.

3.3. The personal information provided may also be used to send users information, offers and promotions about products and/or services offered by HubEP or its partners.

3.2. If the user is no longer interested in receiving informational and content emails, he must click on the link “I no longer wish to receive these emails” or similar, present in all messages sent, and follow the steps to unsubscribe from his email from the HubEP database.

4. Information Sharing

4.1. Considering the best use of the services offered by HubEP, it is imperative that the information collected is shared with partner companies, such sharing being inherent to the very purpose of the tools, software, applications and analysis services, such as, for example, the company, responsible for storing users’ personal information and enabling the triggering of email marketing campaigns carried out by HubEP.

4.2. The third parties referred to in item 4.1 are not authorized to use or disclose the information collected from users in any other way, always acting in accordance with this Privacy Policy and any other security and confidentiality measures adopted.

4.3. In the event of legal issues, HubEP may share personal information or user interaction information necessary to comply with any applicable legislation, regulation, court order or governmental request.

5. About the Protection of Personal Information

5.1. Any and all information provided by the user to HubEP, including all possible forms of registration and interaction, will be treated with confidentiality and will be subject to security and confidentiality measures, in order to prevent any unauthorized use and disclosure, which are not provided for in this Policy. Privacy Policy and current data protection legislation.

5.2. Under no circumstances will HubEP request information regarding access data via email, so it is not responsible for any fraudulent communication that may occur for these purposes.

5.3. HubEP reserves the right to store the Personal Information provided by users definitely and indefinitely in its database.

6. Third-Party Sites

6.1. At various points on the website, the user may be redirected to third-party sites and applications, where it may be necessary to provide these sites and/or applications with personal information. In these cases, the use, storage and protection of this personal information will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the owners of these other websites and/or applications.

6.2. HubEP has no connection with those responsible and owners of these sites and applications, and thus cannot be responsible for the content and privacy policies of third parties.

7. Other Provisions

7.1. Responsibility regarding the security and access environment of the computer, tablet, smartphone and others, will be entirely the users.

7.2. Any questions or requests related to this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use of the website should be sent to HubEP through the email channel:


8.1. To resolve any doubts regarding this Privacy Policy as well as the use and content of this website, the application of the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil is hereby established, regardless of the country from which this website is accessed. Any legal disputes or controversies arising from any acts performed within this website by users, including in relation to non-compliance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy or violation of third-party rights, will be processed in the Judicial District of Rio de Janeiro/RJ.

Updated in March 2023